machine cutting distorted files?

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Thread: machine cutting distorted files?

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    Default machine cutting distorted files?

    USB smoothstepper
    C25 breakout board
    gecko 201 stepper drivers
    Smoothsteper board ver 1.2
    plugin smoothstepper SmoothStepper_v17fe
    12 vdc proxy sensors on X and Y as homing switches (opto relay board triggers signal)
    machine is 3 axis mill running mach 3

    After doing many upgrades including updated SS driver and plugin, new computer, touch screen monitor I'm having issues with files to cutting properly.

    I've checked the calibration of the axis and they are spot on. The first thing I noticed that was peculiar was when I loaded the attached file and it appeared in the mach cut screen was that id was elongated and not a circle. I didn't pay that much attention at first and just figured it was because the new touch screen wasn't displaying properly and probably just needed a driver or maybe adjust the resolution.

    However upon cutting the finished piece was in fact oval and not a circle as drawn in CAD.

    Any Ideas? G code attached.

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machine cutting distorted files?

machine cutting distorted files?

machine cutting distorted files?