Hi ya'll,
My mach 3 program won’t communicate with my Router? About a year ago I converted a mill to cnc and control it with mach 3. When I was setting up my mach program for the mill, I would refer to settings for my cnc wood router, some times. After getting my mill running I haven’t used my wood router since, until a couple days ago. Well, now I can’t get my router to jog. When I plug in my usb cable, the light shines on the breakout board. Drivers all have green lights. Everything looks good, I think? I always run with the cover on, so I really don’t know. I am wondering if I didn’t change something by accident when I was peeking, setting up my other mach profile? I don’t see anything wrong with my settings, but I admit, I’m not very sharp. Is there a way I can attach the xml file, hopefully one of you can see something wrong?

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