My MP-03 has worked well for many years. I recently bought a new machine; it's an AVID CNC product and uses their Plug and Play (P&P) box stepper control etc. I'm running the same Mach3 on this machine that I was using before and there was no problem then. The MP-03 behaves normally on start-up; before Mach3 is running the MP-03 shows the normal diagnostic screen and when Mach3 is launched the MP-03 shows position data as normal. As soon as the spindle is turned on by any method (spindle powered or not) the MP-03 "locks up" and shows the following:

r ModIOTM Sn:0366
H/W: F S/W: 021F
Id: 6 57600,8,1,N

This screen refreshes about every second. Hard resetting the P&P box doesn't help, nor does hard resetting the MP-03. If Mach3 is running a program when this happens it continues running the program. However after the program is done you can't safely jog the machine with the pendant. At this point I was just testing with the Z axis. Attempting to jog the Z axis will 'sometimes' produce a response. Oddly after some somewhat unpredictable motion happens the machine moves back to where it was.

Using the RESET button an Mach3 doesn't fix the problem either. In order to get the MP-03 back to normal you have exit Mach3 and restart.

Since the MP-03 does this whether the spindle is actually running (ie has power) or not it would seem that the issue isn't an electrical noise problem.

I can live with this problem but it would sure be nice to correct it. Hopefully there's some help out there.

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