I have the problem with the Mach3 PP in Fusion360 with the new rotation function in the CAM. I get a G code that contains extreme F values that I don't understand.
X2.002 Y0.039 Z7.435
X2. Y0. Z7.501
G93 X1.992 Z7.778 A-120.959 F4918.9914
X1.99 Z7.81 A-121.241 F28343.2062
X1.967 Z8.074 A-123.984 F3071.6822
X1.945 Z8.223 A-126.59 F3814.4838
X1.924 Z8.364 A-129.091 F3932.9238
X1.907 Z8.449 A-131.167 F5090.2999
X1.887 Z8.547 A-133.616 F4301.7095
X1.868 Z8.635 A-135.81 F4760.3217
X1.855 Z8.691 A-137.347 F6875.0631
X1.832 Z8.776 A-140.187 F3821.2408
X1.813 Z8.843 A-142.383 F4898.9052
X1.795 Z8.91 A-144.576 F4873.9634
X1.78 Z8.968 A-146.446 F5674.6322

When I activate "Rot 360 rollover" my router is milling very slowly in the X axis !? If I deactivate it, the machine will only become very slow after approx. 20mm. The first 20mm everything seems to be working. ???

Please can someone help me with this problem?
Thank you very much
lg Christian

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