I'm running Mach3 on a 5 axis router using a smoothstepper as the controller. I recently had an employee who used the emergency stop and then tried to resume the program. Of course it didn't signal the spindle to turn back on, and it clashed. Stopped it again, backed it off and tried to re zero the machine. When he tried to use the touchplate to zero the z axis, it ran into the plate and snapped the bit. Looking at the diagnostics screen, I can see that there is a delay from when the touchplate makes contact with the bit and when the computer registers it. It's just a fraction of a second but that makes a big difference with a touchplate! I've restarted everything and unplugged everything and plugged it back in. I've also checked and the debounce rate is set to 0. Any idea where this lag is coming from or what could have caused it? Clash was nowhere near any limit switches. All inputs have lag now.

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