I’m trying to setup Mach3 for the first time. Was a previous colleague that started the project several years ago. Now we have the time to look at it again, and hopefully get it to work.
At the moment I struggle with 2 issues.
My build are win8 connected with Ethernet smoothstepper and a servo/motor for each X, Y, Z, A, Spindle.

Spindle is an ordinary ABB motor with a Schneider ATV32HU22N4 Frequency modulator
The 4 axis are each driven by Schneider servo and impulse controlled motors.
Schneider LXM32CD18M2 servo
Schneider servo Motor

Issue 1: My spindle only runs around 3-4000rpm and not the 7000 I told it in Mach3. Changing the ratio 1:1 to 1:2 or 2:1 (gear adjusts in mach3) has no effect on rpm. Is it a mach3 setting or any suggestion on where to look?

Issue2: My A-axis works with revolutions on a given distance as well as it index at any degree I define. However, I can’t get it to work with a static feed for grinding. Hints on what to do or where to look would be very appreciated.

I’m going to use the setup for grinding.
Some jobs I need the A-axis to index, so I can make the same contour at e.g. 0, 120 and 240 degree.
Other times I need A-axis to run endlessly with a given Feed, e.g. when cutting carbide rod.
At the moment I only got the index to work. When I try, it only turns and then stops when jumping to next line in nc code. I need to be able to turn A-axis on like M3/M4
I’m not sure whether it’s Mach 3 or some setting on the smoothstepper/Frequency modulator.

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