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Thread: Gcode.txt Sample Test File Needed

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    Default Gcode.txt Sample Test File Needed

    where can i download a very simple and short file that will carve any drawing or design even a simple straight line or a circle (it doesn't matter what the G-Code.txt file carves) on to any scrap piece of wood.
    I just need the G-code.txt file to specify the speed of the spindle.

    My new 6040 works but I've only tested it in the air and I can't test the speed control unless the Gcode.txt file is such that it specifies the rotational speed of the spindle.
    It just runs at full speed (24,000) RPM and the instructions say that the speed control only works if the Gcode.txt file instructs the spindle as to the speed rather than just turning it on and off.

    I'm the newest newbie on the block but please let me know if you're aware of any place where I can down load some Gcode.txt file to run tests in the air.
    Preferably some Gcode that tells the spindle to run at something less than 15,000 RPM's or so.

    thank you,

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    Default Re: Gcode.txt Sample Test File Needed

    You can go to the MDI screen, and enter S10,000 in the MDI, to change the speed to 10,000.

    You can also use MDO to enter simple commands.
    G0 X10 will move to X=10

    And you can use NotePad to create a g-code file.

    Just type S10000 and save the file.


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Gcode.txt  Sample Test File Needed

Gcode.txt  Sample Test File Needed

Gcode.txt  Sample Test File Needed