Good morning all,

I have MACH 3, been using it for a decade or so. My current setup is: Windows 10, Mach 3, ESS (Ethernet Smooth Stepper). For the MPG, I am using a FANUC MPG wired up using "A" and "B" etc.

Regardless of what computer, what MPG, what machine, what configuration, I have NEVER been able to get the MPG to behave as it does on any industrial control.

I can set the distance per step, and if I slowly rotate the MPG, I will get a near perfect step with every click of the MPG. However, if I rotate the MPG any faster than "SLOW", not all clicks translate into an increment of motion. On industrial CNCs the machine will move 1 increment / click of the MPG.

I know there are setting for velocity mode, multi-step, single step, etc. I believe I have tried every combination of these and I cannot get the machine to perform "correctly". The best is in Velocity mode and the machine will move some distance greater than a single increment, however, it still starts and stops crudely.

I have tried the tuning function as well with no luck.

Has anyone found the magic combination to getting industrial MPG performance on MACH 3?

Thanks in advance!

Chris D.

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