Hello CNC enthusiasts,

I am currently building a small plasma table, while constructing I was using some settings for a TB6560 board (Don´t comment on this, I know they are not the best choice. ;-) )
I already had used for another mill table. Movement worked perfect while constructing the table. But now I created a new plasma-profile in Mach3
with the same motor settings but the motors, except for the x-axis, don´t do what they should.
Y moves in (-), no matter if I press up or down. Z-axis doesn´t do anything?

Plasma is new to me, however I don´t understand why it is handling the axis different from the mill settings.
I understand that there should be some differences with the z-axis due to the THC but that isn´t even built in yet.

settings are: motor outputs:

X 16,1,X,X,1,1
Z 3,6,X,X,1,1

However since these vary from one TB6560 board to another and they are the same in the mill setting they probably don´t help here.

anybody any idea ?


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