Ok I have everything working so far, minus one Mitsu drive, and getting the outputs to work. I have 2 Aries drives working, all my limits and homes are working fine. My issue now is getting outputs to work, or do anything. I have the standard, non isolated version of the board, the bare ICM-1900. There are no chips in the "isolated" section. Seems like all outputs are sunk to ground, no matter what I try. Ive tried hooking up LEDS, my meter, pulling them high and low, nothing. Is there a jumper that needs to be installed? This is driving me nuts. I have Outputs set to pins 41 and up, per the PDF on here on setting up pins, port 1, and ive tried active low and high to no avail. Heres a pic of my board.

Need Help With DMC-17x0 and ICM-1900 output wiring-20171206_182313-1-jpg

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