I have been trying for days to get my new Endurance 10 watt Diode laser to work with PWM on the TTL wire coming out of the Laser board. According to most info I can find it is as simple as assigning the spindle relay control box by enabling the M3 and M5 commands and assigning to output 1, then in outputs assign output 1 to port 1 pin 17 and that's all that is needed? I also installed some new macros for the M3 and M5 gcode .

I have been at this for two weeks and I have tried all that I could find, I'm sure it is something simple but I am just missing it, here is what I have done so far in my way of trouble shooting, but first I will say that my machine is a DIY 940 x 1200 Router running Windows 7 and mach3. Before starting to add this Laser everything worked fine.
So I thought maybe the signal was not getting out because it was a cheap BoB that came with the motors and drivers so I got a C10 from CNC4pc and while I as there I looked at the UC100 and thought maybe the parallel port card is bad and the PC is old so instead of changing the card I got the UC100 and connected it that way, everything works great except pin 17, nothing !! What am I missing? Do I need some kind of a second relay? Dose that relay on mach3 provide the power to make the output work or do I need some type of power source after the relay?
I just need the Laser to work with the TTL so it turns on and off with the code, otherwise the laser stays on full force all the time and that's not good..
any help would be much appreciated


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