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    So we have got the MACH3MILL software working with a KL-6590 CNC machine. The motors all work correctly the estop, home and limits all work as expected. So now comes the fun part.

    We have purchased a stepper motor, see attached photo, and want to add LATHE capability to the KL-6590.

    How do we configure this in MACH3TURN? I want to be able to still use the MACH3MILL spindle to cut, and at the same time I want the stepper motor to be spinning the stock. I do not know how to tell MACH3TURN that the stepper motor turns the stock and the spindle is controlled via the spindle settings in MACH3TURN. I have the spindle set up as I did in MACH3MILL so that shouldn't be a problem. But how do I control the stepper motor?

    Basically I want to have the spindle spinning the cutting tool, and the stepper spinning the stock. But I cannot figure out how to do it. Do I need to add another axis to the MACH3TURN GUI?, how do I control the speed of the stepper motor?

    I am using the KL-8060 Driver to drive the stepper motor and it is connected to the PINS 16 & 17.

    Picture of my breakout board is also included

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Its all new to me

Its all new to me

Its all new to me