I bought a linear slide table from vipwindows_139 with 200mm of travel for around $408AUD and after having cleaned all the metal contamination out of the linear rails etc I've managed to get everything aligned to within 30 microns however I noticed that the ball screw appears to be machined ~65 microns off axis producing a ~130 micron wobble which is consistent at beginning / mid / end of the screw (runout of the machined section as measured in place is minimal maybe 30 microns)

After doing some research and seeing some of the horror stories of 1mm+ bends / runout etc I realise I probably got lucky with my purchase but my question is once the carriage is tightened down to the rails etc that eccentricity must be detrimental to the life of all the bearings? Just trying to get an idea of what is typical for this kind of gear. I know you get what you pay for..

I noticed the carriage gets a bit tight once it gets up to the end where the ball nut is within an inch or so of the fixed end support no doubt due to this eccentricity.. Luckily this end of travel is max Z height so most of the time will be spent at the other end of the slide

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