I am attempting to use Leadshine drives with my Centroid Acorn machine upgrade. I have ES-DH1208 drive with ES-MH234120 motors. I attempted to bench test the drives using their internal pulse generator test mode with no results.

The documentation of the drives seems a bit lacking. It has a manual configuration mode. Not very friendly but you can step through and look/change parameters. The parameters that are in the drive do not all match what the manual indicates is the defaults. Some of the parameters can't be adjusted to the default value. The manual indicates the motors are 4000 steps/rev but the parameter shows 1600. I change it to 4000 and go through the EEPROM program process and it shows finished. But, I go back and look and it is back to 1600. In any case, I tried parameter 28 which lets you move the motor with it's internal pulse generator (P28). When I try that, the motor jumps slightly and throws and E020 error. I can't find a complete error list but read somewhere that this is a following error.

When I bought the drives, I purchased the serial programming cable. I don't have a computer old enough to have a serial port so I bought a USB/RS232 adapter. It installed OK and showed through device manager to be using COM3. I tried Leadshine's Pro Tune program that is for the Easy Servo. When I try to connect to the drive, I get a COM error like it's not seeing the device.

Anybody had and resolved similar issues? Any thoughts on where to go from here?

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