I recently purchased a new Chuck based rotary for my Red and Black Laser. It is a large direct-drive 125mm chuck that has an adjustable angle. This thing is a beast. Due to the size of the stepper, it came with a new driver. I have it set up on the U axis and my Ruida 6445G allows for it to be used as a rotary.

The Driver is a leadshine DM860

The stepper is a leadshine 86CM45 (2 phase, NEMA34, 6A, 638oz torque)

I have it set up at 8000 micro steps at the moment and it seems to be doing well (range is 400-51200). Though it seems to be a bit jerky in its movement during engraving (operates smoothly when I adjust using the controller). This seems to have a slight effect on the quality of the work, though I may be nitpicking, no one else see a difference. Due to the size and weight I made a stand that runs across the table made of square steel tube.

I never configured a stepper before and am wondering if there are any settings I should consider for the smoothest operation? More or less micro steps, Half-Current or Full-Current? Is there any settings in the U axis of the Ruida controller that would help? I have read several articles and am not sure I am getting the right information.


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