I was just looking to see if someone could confirm what I think is the issue with my machine.

I'm not a beginner with laser cutting but by no means an expert. I have changed my laser cutter tube a couple of times myself before and have had 2 machines before.

I just ordered a new tube which I had to get from a chinese supplier, however i did it through amazon instead of a different platform.
I installed the tube and everthingseemed fine, however within a couple of days cutting I am now getting 4 burn marks.
I have attached an image of the masking tape from various points around the machine.

I saw on one forum that this means the tube is dead.
So I am enquiring wether anyone on here would agree that this is the case?

Just waiting for a response from my supplier but I assume it will take a day or so.

Thank you

4 burn marks on a newly replaced laser...-burn-marks-jpg

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