Laser arcing on annode connection

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Thread: Laser arcing on annode connection

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    I am fairly new to this and have been trying to setup a 40w laser on a greenbull cnc. I'm extremely new to this and was unable to find a lot of good documentation so have been struggling to get this to work for weeks. I have it setup correctly and can get it to test fire with no issue when I press the test button on the power supply and am now working to get it to fire using the cnc usb software. I could not get it to work so I used the test fire button to make sure the laser was still active and accidentally shocked myself.

    When this happened I pulled the high tension line loose without realizing it and did a few more test fires over the next 30 minutes with no issue. Then I started seeing the arcing on the video and smelling smoke. I realized the line was not attached to the power supply so I reconnected it and now I can't get the laser to fire at all. Have I ruined the tube or is this something that can be fixed?

    As far as I can tell the line is still connected securely to the terminal and I removed the old tape and added some more.

    The control board is a mk1 board from

    laser tube:
    power supply:

    I am really struggling with this and would appreciate any help.

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Laser arcing on annode connection

Laser arcing on annode connection

Laser arcing on annode connection