I finally got my G Weike LC1390N a few weeks ago and I'm trying to set it up but I keep running into a couple problems. It started with the laser. I read through and watched multiple tutorials on how to set up the beam and I thought I had done a good job until when I fired and the beam had split. I tried recalibrating again and again and still got the same result. I was trying another recalibration moving the table up and down with the z stepper motors when I heard an awful noise and the right side of the bed would no longer move down. After reading some helpful threads I loosened the belt on that side. I tested the motor and it still worked. During all this I decided to take the laser head off. When I looked inside I saw a big burn mark on my lens. No wonder the beam was splitting.

I need to know in detail how to fix and calibrate the bed and z axis so I won't have this issue again.

I would also like to know where to get the best deal on good 20mm lenses.

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