Hi all--

Sorry for such a lame first post, but I am going to take a SH-G350 off the hands of a frustrated prior owner. My first laser cutter! It looks like the replaced the fake original 50W laser with the real deal, whick extends out 6 inches, but it is unprotected.

I want to make a protective cap for it prior to picking it up this weekend.. Can someone tell me the distance between the center of the screw holes for the cover? -- it looks like a rectangle, not a square. Or if someone can point me to a STL, that would help a lot. There are several for the "K40" on thingiverse, but... wrong device.

The pic the owner sent with a take measure makes it look approximately 4 x 4.75 ... but it was not really accurately taken, and I hate to bug her back to get more precise measurements, as she's already done a lot for me, and I don.t want to frustrate her while she is giving me a real good deal. (shoulda thought about that before i left her place, darn!)

Thank you in advance! Look forward to sharing my journey with you all.

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