CW-5200 Cooling issue Valves and compressors

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Thread: CW-5200 Cooling issue Valves and compressors

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have an issue with a CW-5200 chiller and wonder if someone with more knowledge could explain what the solenoid valve in the picture attached does please.

    The long story on this is:
    In normal state the compressor is off and this solenoid valve is on.
    When the temperature hits the controllers set temp the solenoid switches off and compressor comes on.
    The temp goes down as expected but then the controller switches ON the solenoid, what the controller manual calls “Refrigeration return difference” and what I think it is as the hysteresis.
    (This can be set from 0.1 to 3 degrees).
    Now although the compressor is running with this solenoid on again it’s not chilling and so the compressor will not get down to the controllers set off point, which seems to be 2 degrees below hysteresis and can’t be changed.

    So the compressor will run forever…
    Somethings wrong, is it the controller having 2 degrees being too much?
    If you detach the solenoid so it’s off it will chill down and cut off but what damage am I doing.

    Any help really appreciated.
    I have researched this but don’t know if this is a valve to prevent flow into the evaporator during the off cycle, if so when not turn off and on with compressor.


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CW-5200 Cooling issue Valves and compressors

CW-5200 Cooling issue Valves and compressors