High Quality Laser Meter For Laser Tube Power Gauge

A Laser Power Meter consists of a display and a detector. The Laser Power Meters has been calibrated at a given wavelength before shipping.

1. Outline
Laser Power Meter using the amount of heat absorption measurement principle, thermal sensor measure the scope is very wide in spectral width and power, very high spatial uniformity, Without spot size, spot location or spot uneven impact. Can measure continuous wave laser output power, pulse repetition rate can also measure the average laser output power.

2. Technical parameters
Name Laser Power Meter
Model HLP-200
Range 0-200W
Display LED display
Minimum Resolution 0.1W
Photosensitive area 28mm
Spectral range 8-11um
Calibration Wavelength 10.6um
Response time ?5S
Cooling Water-cooled
Application CO2 laser
Nonlinearity ±5%
Accept the surface
response nonuniformity ±5%
Consumption Power ?8W

3. Advantage
Measure range 0-200w mini laser meter
1) Small size, easy to carry
2)Buit-in power supply, easy to use
3) Direct - reading, high - precision measurement

4. Usage
1) Put power meter to testing area immediately after press the start button, then waiting for the measurement.
2) The first sound means that measuring started, please continue to keep the smooth target surface during testing.
3) The second sound means measuring achieved.Please remove power meter immediately,do not stay for a long time.
4) The third sound means system power off automatically.
5) If after a long warning tone, the display shows"888.8", it means that the machine is breakdown,you could contact with the supplier, do not dismounting the machine arbitrarily.

* If the display shows "000.0",it means the temperature of the surface is too high or it is out of the measuring range. You can use the machine again after the temperature down.

5. Notice
1) Please handle it gently, in case of damage.
2) Align the center of the machine to the radiation area as far as possible.
3) If you need to use it more than one time, you must wait the temperature get down as the room temperature, and then you can use it again.

6. Warranty
1) The product is one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance.
2) The situation followed are not at the range of free maintenance.
a) Beyond the period of warranty;
b) Broken due to force majeure or human's action
c) Broken or damaged due to dismounting or reforming by the user.

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