Hi Guys and Dolls.

I am in the process os developing a live focus system for my chinese co2 laser. Control and software is done. Busy making the laser head for the system.

Would any of you be interested in suplying me with measurements of different machine models laser head sizes.

Planning on putting this out on hobby or profesional market. And all this at a hobbiest price. Early tests are very promissing.

For those of you that do not know what a live focus system is here follow a explanation.

This will have your laser focus always exactly as you want it even while busy cutting or engraving
You will be able to cut and engrave any stepped or bowed item on the go. The focus distance will be repeatable and accurately as to 0.07mm

For any futher info just leave your comments in a post ad I will respond accordingly.

All input and help always appreciated.

Deon Gerber

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