Hello everyone!

The PSU of the laser cutter (150W) we have at my college's maker space started arcing due to a porous cable and it ended up frying the PSU, we ran it at 110V as it is the standard in my country but now we contacted a college provider to have the PSU replaced and they only import 220V ones as they say they're more stable and work better in the long run. The problem we're facing is we don't have a way to put a native 220V connection at the lab, so we started searching in storage for elevators but only found a 220V 200W one, as the laser cutter will be the only one connected to this elevator, and we don't often run it at maximum potency, do you think this would be enough and safe for it to run through this?

We really don't have any more money for now to buy another elevator, unless it come from our pockets but if it is the only way to run the 220V PSU on the 150W laser we could contemplate it as I found a 500W one pretty cheap.

Any help is appreciated and I thank everyone in advance.

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