We have a huge problem with our Bystar.

1. Month ago laser stopped and shows HV Desk Error.
2. We changed 2 circuit boards in DIOCOM 3 - it helped for 2 weeks and then again HV Desk Error.
3. We swaped 2 circuit boards between DIOCOM 3 i 4 (they are the same) - it helped for couple of hours and again HV Desk Error.
4. We checked circuit boards in DIOCOM 3 - something still causes the circuit boards to blow and we can't find what could it be.

Wire between STL and STE cabinets is check.
Capacitors in power supply in STL cabinet are check - we changed 2 of them, the other was ok. It doesn't helped - still HV Desk Error.

We have no more ideas where we should looking for causes of blowing circuit boards in DIOCOM 3.
Our company is in Poland and here specialists who always helpin us with laser problem now are helpless.

Maybe here is someone who had similar problem and could advise us?