Hi all,

first post so here goes. . .

Today I have a handcontrolled small drill/milling machine but are looking for a "cheap" robust and rigid machine that possibly can be retrofitted. The plan for this machine is to be a learning tools on getting started with cnc controlled milling. Doing my search I found the post about DM4400 really interesting. I think that this can be the type of machine I'm looking for.

I have been in contact with a store that are selling a used dm4400 machine. The sellers has been given quite a bit of background when taking over the machin. The machine was bought new in 1991 and used at/by one shop before it closed down recetly. Documentation also seems to be well preserved. However, the company selling it now don't fully understanding these machines in detail as they don't specialise in cnc machines - they are a company that buys full shops as they close down or go bankrupt. They do give some warranty thugh which feels nice. I've also been given some phone-numbers to people that used to operate and support the machine and I will try to contact them and see if they have more info.

Anyway this machine is special in someways

a) It comes fitted with a rotating 4th axis. A mini lathe thing.
b) The ATC has been removed. That's is unfortunate but not a showstopper for me.
c) It comes with a PC that it's said to been used for drip feeding the machine.

Now, can the atc been removed and that "axis" been used to control the 4th rotational axis?

Could this machine possibly been retrofitted already, I mean can the 4th axis be a sign for this?

It's a bit of travel to go and see the machine so I want to be as prepared as I can with the little knowedge I have about these things before I go.

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