Hi Everyone, long time listener firs time caller.

anyway, i am used to a Tormach and picked up an 86 mycenter with fanuc 6m. I am having a hell of a time figuring out how to keep my G54 location set. Bascially i figured out that in order to set G5X i need to zero return the machine and tell it how far from zero return the x and y origin is. Great. Ill set it, jog it around a bit and go into some menus to setup a couple things, and out of habit or maybe necessity (maybe i overtravelled) i have to hit reset. When i do this, the absolute position changes to the G54 coordinates. this is incredibly irritating because i cant seem to get it properly setup to run a part. Can anyone help me out here, because maybe i am incorrectly using the control. Another thing i noticed, when i power up the machine it defaults to INC at the bottom, i toggle it to abs but it doesnt seem to affect this problem at all.

PS man. abs. switch is on. Strange enough i didnt think it was working, i traced the wire through the entire machine and it doesnt appear that the pin out in the manual matches the connector. strange i know. I also do not see a bit turned on or off inside the diagnostic menus. But i see switched power going into the connector CO2.


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