Just acquired the machine for my startup shop.
Uses Yasnac 3 and Yaskawa Drives/ AC Servos.
When drives are powered up the X axis runs full rapid down until it hits the tailstock. This then creates server pack alarm 391, over tourque alarm, and over travel alarm. After clearing alarms and doing a reset you can zero return machine and then it seams to run fine so Im at a loss of what to check for since there are no alarms. I assume somehow the drive is not initially seeing the encoder or their is a ready state signal, timer issue or something. I tried tripping the limit switch and it still does it with limit switch circuit open. I also tried estop before it gets that low but it happens way to fast. I assume the brake circuit is working properly since it doesnt run-a-away until the drive is activated. I have the manuals but im not even sure where to start witb this issue.
Thanks for your help???

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