Hurco KM5P with MAX 32/DSP control not booting up. It did work but now doesn't. I let it set idle for probably a year. Screen that comes up first I have never seen before. shows CMOS SETUP-REV 1.0 and then the cursor is blinking on Hard drive type: 2 and then show a list # cylinders ?, # Heads:?, Precomp:? Landing zone: ?,#Sectors:?,Capacity:?, Ram config gives me the option to scroll thru different lists to Select hard drive type? Has the machine lost a battery and thats why its lost and just doesn't boot up and blink green lights on the control panel when its checking self start up boot procedure? Used to go thru a self diagnostic check and flash green lights on control board and then powered up but not now. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks Ron

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