Hello, I would like some help. I have a small hobby cnc controlled by a small computer. winxp+mach3 motherboard lpt port. Works well. I replaced the PC with a fujitsu esprimo e500, it also has a motherboard lpt port. cnc motors don't even move. I tried win10+mach3, Win7+mach3, WinXP+mach3, Linux cnc. I put in a new lpt expansion card, same error. The address of the new card is D000, I copied it to 0xD000 in Mach3, but nothing seems to block it. When you press the Mach 3 button, the shaft moves a little, but then the holding current seems to be released.
I copied the mach 3 xml file on the old machine to the new one and tried it, but nothing. To the bios
There are several settings for the lpt port, I tried them all and there is no change. Does anyone have an idea what could be the source of the error? Thanks