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    Hello I've got an error message saying "Toolchanger has no basic position" after pushing "Internal Stop" after a tool change. The books instructions want me to use a function that is greyed out. Nothing will move or respond. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? It sure seems like they should make machines that just don't do this or if it does, up pops a window to guide you through the fix. Other machines are pretty easy to fix this stuff, but this is not intuitive at all.

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    Hi Brian,

    I hope you have been able to solve this, seeing that this was posted in May.

    There is a procedure for this. If you have restarted your machine, then follow the following procedure-

    1. Wait for the "Relay external DC voltage missing" screen to appear. Press the Machine ON button.
    2. Press the round arrow button next to the display on the right side. This will open your programming and editing screen
    3. press MOD
    4. Enter password as 123
    5. Press the "help" softkey
    6. This will open the toolchanger diagnostics
    7. Press cycle start on highlighting each of the following options-
    a. Tool 0 in spindle
    b. Tool changer in basic position
    c. Tool changer Software initialise
    (the wording may not be exact as i am not close to my machine at the moment)
    8. Press END
    9. Press the round arrow button on the display to return to the axis reference screen

    Hope this helps!



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Need Help DMU 50 Tool Changer

Need Help DMU 50 Tool Changer