Hi everyone i really need help.... i'll be very grateful if someone does..
just bought a 1999bridgeport tc2 w/TNC370, .
can't find the machine operators manual, got the rest from heidenhain
already familliar with the tnc355...i have a hermle uwf900 w/tnc355 got it with the ext. trans. cable,
i also need the following...
-post proccessor tnc370 for edgecam,using the 355 but have to edit the prog everytime (open to any suggestions for 2-3D machining....)
-pins assignment for the ext data transfer,cable (again i'm open to any sugg.....)
-machine jolts when using blockwise transfer machining (when using cable of a tnc 355), which parameter can smooth things out tried 1390,...
-looking for heidenhain handwheel encoder rod450 H 5000
-and having problems with the tool setter calibration..
thanks ,