TNC 370 tool length MDI confusion

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Thread: TNC 370 tool length MDI confusion

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    Default TNC 370 tool length MDI confusion

    Hi everyone

    First point. Its me that is confused. Not the control. Well I hope anyway.

    We picked up a old (97) Bridgeport VMC 500 with a TNC370 control a few months back. Its taken a while to get to a point where it is ready to use. One big issue and that is me learning to use it and set it up!!

    It seems if you are a HASS owner then there are thousands of threads and videos. Not so much for Heidenhain.

    This quick question is hopefully a simple one.

    I was setting some tool lengths yesterday, by using a datum tool holder, zeroing it out on tool setter. Had called tool 0 in the MDI mode then switched to manual mode.

    Did a tool change to get tool 1 in the spindle. I measured this and set the z value in the tool table (+54mm for example).

    I then did another tool call in MDI mode to bring tool 1 details up. Swapping back to manual mode to just clarify the readings were correct, I was hoping to see the actual z value to be 0, when zero setter was at zero taking into account the. tool length offset. This wasn't the case as is still showed 54mm.

    Either Im expecting the machine to do something its not going to do, or I am doing something wrong. Or even possibly both.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Dan, you'll need to change your machine parameter MP7285 from 0 to 1, the display will then take into account the tool length. Code for accessing parameters is 95148. Good luck!

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TNC 370 tool length MDI confusion

TNC 370 tool length MDI confusion

TNC 370 tool length MDI confusion