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    I am currently trying on a DMU50 and a practice piece. My controller is a
    Millplus iT V520.
    The practice piece is like a square I want to mill round burling on it’s edge surfaces each deepened at 5mm.
    It’s no problem on the horizontal layer. However when trying to mill on the 45 degree layer/ 20mm chamfer, the machine strikes.
    I am working with the G7 command to carry out...
    When my B axis should turn the table and therefore also the work piece to an angle of 45°, then that process is carried out, however the neutral point stays on the horizontal layer by mistake. That means that milling the chamfer is not possible as the tool in Z stands too deep. X is also not correct.
    My desire is that I can change the processing layer from the horizontal processing to the 45° inclined processing with the help of the G7 function and that the milling machine knows exactly where to start.

    Meaning that the tool’s neutral point is set to the border of the chamfer ( G93) and the value is corrected after turning the table
    Here is an extract from the program:
    (1.beginning horizontal processing (mill burling)
    N1 G17
    N2 G54 I5
    N3 M55
    N4 G7 L1=1
    N5 T1 M6
    N6 S5000 M3
    N7 M8
    N8 G0 Z200
    N9 G0 X-8.463 Y30.141
    N10 G0 Z2.
    N11 G1 Z-4. F300
    N12 G1 X.028 Y25.046 F600

    N2765 G1 X51.821 Y3.819
    N2766 G1 Z-4. F300
    N2767 G1 Z-5.
    N2768 G0 Z50.
    (2. end of horizontal processing)
    (3.beginn of the pivoting processing)
    N2769 G0 X75 Z200. (approach security distance over the future new neutral point. The table turned around point at L1=2

    N2770 G93 X75 (set new neutral point)
    N2771 G7 B5=45 L1=2 L200 (turning on the processing layer)
    N2777 G154 B1=1 ( work piece neutral point is corrected after the pivoting of the table)
    N2772 G0 Z50. ( approach staring level)
    N2773 G0 X-8.463 Y30.141 ( begin of the processing)
    N2774 G0 Z13.785
    N2775 G1 X.028 Y25.046 F600
    N2776 G1 X.075 Y25.018
    N2777 G1 X.098 Y25.004
    N2778 G3 X.114 Y25. I.114 J25.031

    5622 G1 X10.281 Y13.217
    N5623 G1 Z1. F300
    N5624 G1 Z0.
    N5625 G0 Z200.
    N5626 M9
    N5627 G7 B5=0 L1=2 L200
    N5628 M30

    My observations after the first trial run on the machine:
    -horizontal processing works without problems
    -turning to 45° is carried out
    - L1=2 also carried out
    - begin of the processing regarding the horizontal neutral point --> ERROR
    --> It seems that despite all my effort, the machine still uses the neutral point of the horizontal processing instead of the newly set neutral point.

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    Leave the G154 out and then it should work. When turning with G7, you don’t need G154 as you already turn around your shifted neutral point ( with G93)
    Regards Tom

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