Hi all,

I have a Hardinge CHNC1 with a 810t control, I had an issue with the machine in that it would shut down imediatly the main breakers kicked in?

After a lot of diagnosing it came down to a faulty turret encoder (two burnt out components on the encoder board)
this caused a direct short (24 volts) on the interface board tripped relay K2 and shutting the machine down,

Once I removed the encoder relay the machine then powered up, but while diagnosing the fault I lost all the parameters

I have re-loaded the parameters (without the encoder in place) successfully just to see if there were any other issues, and the machine is fine all accept obviously the turret encoder, drives/axis/spindle etc all good,

I loaded the parameters without the turret encoder in place while waiting for the new encoder to arrive, I have now fitted the encoder but I am getting an alarm "cannot find position"

My question is: does the turret encoder have to be in place when loading the parameters? is it possible the encoder is not seen by the plc if not installed while parameters are loaded?

Thanks for any help,


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