I am running on a dedicated 30 HP phase converter and have been for 15 years (balanced power within spec 5% per machine manual), on this 15hp machine. This 177 error showed up and a small Burn mark was visible on the Power Supply Board (original 1st fault) ... The board was repaired and tested, and reinstalled. All connections checked and triple checked. The error 177 Overvolt keeps returning ... I can get the machine to run for about 10 minutes, then the 177 fault returns. With Haas Tech, we did alter Param settings pertaining to this overvolt alarm ... no success. A used Power Supply board (tested) is also on the way. Attached lower volt power supply tests good.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.... I am 6 hrs drive time from Denver co. nearest Haas dealer ... Looking for a good independent Haas tech, southern Colorado / New Mexico area. I am thinking right now.

Thanks John

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