I've got another poblem with my haas. Right now when i'm turn machine on, and i'm push reset button for turn on servos machine starts running in Y axis ( i don't even push power up restart button ), and they ignore even limit switch ! On screen Y position don't change, when i rotate manually ball screw, position still don't change, for X axis everythink work's fine. So i'm buyed new encoder,i chaned it, and nothing's change... i'm changed motors between X and Y, and X works fine ( with new encoder, and old servo ) and Y have the same issue, then i'm switch servo motor drivers between X and Y, but no diffrents. On screen Y possition changes in microns ( only in Y axis ) even when engine is on the floor not in machine, it happend even if i'm pull out Y axis cables... so right now i have no idea.

Maybe someone have the same problem ?

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