Hello all!

I recently helped a friend fix/rebuild his GPD 503 (309)
in the process the memory and constants were wiped out.
I am having trouble setting the constants, specifically to match the RPMS.

I can get the max RPM to match (1500 RPM +/- 1RPM )

But having trouble getting the lower RPM to work . ( 50RPM +/- 7RPM)

I am unfamiliar with Haas and how accurate these need to be. We are mostly concerned with rigid tapping and wan tthis to be set up correctly.

Right now I am working with the Gain and bias settings.
but somehow the maths don'tt add up, when I calculate RPM to displayed Frequencies.

But really I am a bit over my head on this one.

Can anyone help me, specifically or generally to sort out these constants?

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