Hi guys.

Bought a 2011 yrm haas VR11.

Now the spindle 15k rpm is in poor condition and need repair.

Does anyone know what bearings it uses? Gladly numbers on them.
Want to check the prize tag before i tear it apart.

Looked thru all manuals cant find anything of intress there.

Core Change spindle cost aprox 8600$ and a bit high cost for me so i want to look for alternitive.

Issue/thoughts nr 2.

The set up today on the machine.
It is equipt with a rotary table (6th axle)

But they choosed to use the A axle servo for the rotary and skip the A axle.

Now i would like to be able to use the A axle also.
Not simultenious, its not nessesery. But be able to use it without going in the back and shift cables and change settings every time.

The controller is M18.0B
It looks like the mother board have unused ports.

Anyone know if its possible?

I got the machine cheep and will use it in my hobby garage mostly making parts for my race Truck ect

Thanks Tobbe

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