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    Default 2002 Haas HS1-RP

    First want to thank everyone that helped me with my 92 VF0 a month or so back. Now making parts beautifully.

    One to my next addition.

    I am picking up a 2002 Haas Hs1-rp from another local shop. I feel like the machine shop for wayward haas Cncs.

    Anyways I know the HS1 has a reputation but seems most complaints were about the 99 and older machines with their table clamping system. I found the system was redesigned in 2000( I think).

    What are your guys feeling about the later HS1?
    Can I ad a rotary and use it as a 5 axis?

    7500 rpm
    60 tool holder
    Lifting frame

    Apparently the tool changer is the only problematic piece on this machine, according to the old owner and the tech that works on it. The 60 tool has more sensors and switches but basicly just needs adjustments periodically.

    It has had some major work recently. I forget what was done but can get the list.

    This machine will work nicely to help with large customers production that takes up most the spindle time on my Vf2. Releasing it to do other jobs.
    Also the ability to run multiple parts without reloading with the dual tables will be nice.

    I can not afford a EC yet, please do not suggest it. This is a new shop and still trying to build customer.

    Tell me the good/bad/ugly of what I am getting my self into.

    I like this generation Haas machines.

    Currently equipment is
    1998 VF2
    2000 sl30BB
    1992 VF0

    Acquiring this HS1 and also may pick up a 1998 VF0E( the original machine I learned on from my first operator job)

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    Default Re: 2002 Haas HS1-RP

    I have an HS-1 that I got last year and have been fixing up, Im also interested in adding a 5th axis to it. I have seen machines with dual 5th axis(1 on each pallet) and they had 6 drives inside the cabinets, however im not sure what they did to wire up the drives, and what parameters had to be changed. Also I dont know if it was full simultanious 5th axis or just indexing, I would assume indexing.

    I was able to modify the HAAS post in fusion 360 to get the A axis working correctly, if you want I can post up some details on how to do that, which also would apply to posting 5 axis gcode.

    You can find the service and operator manuals for the HS-1 on the haas website.

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2002 Haas HS1-RP

2002 Haas HS1-RP

2002 Haas HS1-RP