2012 VM2. Just recently had Haas install 1000psi through spindle coolant. The day after they finally got everything done, mill alarms out. When the mill stops the spindle (above 6000rpm), it throws Alarms 292,237, and 650. I was told by my HFO that there is nothing the tech could have done/changed to cause this, and to check the Vector drive and Regen. I followed the Vector Drive and Regen trouble shooting guides and everything tests fine. Regen ohm resistance is 5.5 (should be 4.4-6.6 for 4 resistor box). I sent out my Vector Drive to have to tested. It tested fine, but had them replace some components that showed signs of wear anyway. Installed the Vector drive and still does the same thing. Incoming Voltage is 244, and it is on the correct tap (260-244). The DC bus voltage on the screen matches what it reads in the back.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should check next? It just seems like such a coincidence that this happened the day after the tech got done installing 1k TSP.


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