A couple years ago I got a used 2011 VF4SS. When sold it was being used with a HRT 160 P1. Since I have had it I have never been able to make the rotary table to work.

When I home the machine all axis will home, it gives a 1 second beep and just keeps saying please home all axis. No alarms. Every time I do it the table moves a very small amount. If I turn on the setting jog without home I can move it but very slow.

Things done
-Called Haas many time and checked parameters
-Tried it on a VF6 at another shop on my block and ran fine
-Checked every wire for shorts and conductivity
-Checked home switch
-Main con board was replaced due to bad memory chip
-Swapped servo amplifier and that was Ok

Haas has no solutions



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