Need Help! Broken Tool Detection Using Renishaw TRS2

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Thread: Broken Tool Detection Using Renishaw TRS2

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    Default Broken Tool Detection Using Renishaw TRS2

    I am needing help with this problem. Attached is the back up of our VF6SS. The problem that I’m having is when it run the tool check program every now and then it gets a Z-axis over travel out of the blue. It may run 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes without a problem. Then it will throw up the over travel alarm. The file PRODUCTION_3.16.20_TOOLS is the one that I’m have trouble with also it uses 4 tool groups. It faults out when it runs the Sub-program O1000 (Tool Check). In O1000 (Tool Check) it faults out on G31Z[#5-[.5*#29]]F#18. We use a Renishaw Laser TRS2 for the broken tool detect.

    When I run the normal Production program PRODUCTION_12.12 it runs fine. But I’m only using one set of tools and no groups with this program.

    Something else you may notice in the PRODUCTION_3.16.20_TOOLS is that when I have the tool change I have to program it like this
    T1100 M16 (Calls the M14 DRILL)
    T1200 (Call up the next tool)
    T1100 M16 (Resets the Tool # for the H# to Match)

    I have to Call the next tool to save on cycle time without adding another tool change call the T and H won’t match and faults it out. I have to do this for all 4 tool changes. I have work on this now for several weeks trying to solve the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Broken Tool Detection Using Renishaw TRS2

Broken Tool Detection Using Renishaw TRS2

Broken Tool Detection Using Renishaw TRS2