I am currently running a Haas Super Mini Mill with 15HP , 10,000 RPM

I'm looking to add a second machine, and was considering a Super Mini Mill 2, ( Larger capacity tool holder, and also little larger X,Y,Z travel ) but I have some limitations on ceiling height, so some modifications to the ceiling would need to be done.

So I happen to run across a DM-1 ( Haas Drill and Milling machine )
It will give me more tool capacity, larger X,Y,Z travel, plus faster rapids, and it will not require any modifications to my ceiling.

All of my work is Aluminum, and mainly the machine will be doing milling, verses drilling.... but there will be some drilling and tapping.

Any feedback on the downsides of looking at a DM-1 as an alternative to a mini mill?

Thanks for your feedback...


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