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    hi, i've got a TL-1 lathe and i think i've found a bug in the VPS face operation. i'm wondering if anyone can confirm this, or if i'm doing something stupid.

    here's what's happening: the FACE_STOCK setting is described as "Enter the total amount of STOCK to remove from the FACE of the part" and i'm entering 0.04 and when i run it, it will start the operation 0.04" in front of the actual face of the part.

    it then does face passes in the air, and then ends the operation before it actually reaches the real face of the part. and yes, i've triple checked the Z-face offset of the part. i've rebooted, and tried again, and it just seems to be confused about what it's doing.

    i thought to put negative 0.04" in the FACE_STOCK variable, but it won't let me.

    again, am i doing something stupid or is this a bug?

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VPS bug for facing?

VPS bug for facing?

VPS bug for facing?