Good morning.

I've searched this forum in the past for all of my Haas woes, and found all the answers I've been looking for. This new one has me stumped.

Yesterday morning I pressed the green power up button and the hydraulics kicked on, not after the reset button was pressed to clear the 102 alarm. I didn't think this was right. I pressed the reset button, but instead of cleaning the 102 alarm, a 161 alarm came up. I could clear the 161 alarm, but everytime I cleared the 102, both came back up. The E-stop also doesn't kill the hydraulics.

I did entertain the idea of swapping drive cards. The 161 error was always X axis. I swapped cables coming from the controller to the cards thinking one was bad. Still X error. I even switched the X & Z motor cables at the plugs (I know how bad of an idea that was) but it was still a 161 X error.

So what I'm thinking is a transistor failed in the safety

circuit, allowing the hydraulics and the servos to power up immediately. The 161 alarm us just a byproduct of this.

Has anyone had this issue? If so, what is the location if the typical culprit?



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