Hey Guys;

I have a General International 15-250 25" Dual Drum Sander, its sold under many names such as the Delta 31-481, Craftex CX504 and endless others.

Its been a really good sander over the years but about a year ago the feed motor stopped working. We've had this happen before and ordered a new motor at $300 but when the motor came the new one didn't work either. So I ordered the controller board for it at $100, when it came in and was installed it too made no difference. At this point I had to actually start troubleshooting but I'm at a loss. The new and the old motor work fine when attached to a 12v DC power supply so I assume the motors are fine. When the second PC controller board showed up and didn't work I figured that its unlikely that both boards including the new were defective so I bought a cheap Chinese controller rated for the motors max 180VDC. I rigged that up and nothing. So I measure 240VAC voltage going into each board as expected but the output voltage which should vary with the rheostat is always zero. So that's the weird thing, three boards now all getting the proper input but outputting zero. The output measures zero regardless of where the rheostat is positioned, regardless if the motor is in the load circuit or not.

Does anyone have any ideas as I am getting to the end of my rope with it. It HAS to be something simple as the chances of all three boards being bad but acting exactly the same way has to be pretty low.

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