Ive recently switched from the metal cnc world to helping to manage a wood/plastic shop. We have 2 busellatos, one Jetmaster WFXL and one older Jet 2000. This shop currently is running Unimerco and Leuco. But there speeds, feeds, depth of cut, and step over back ground data havent been updated for 10-15 years.

When running a metal cnc shop my top carbide was imco, mitsubishi, and a few others after exhaustive testing on mulitple materials. So in the wood and acyric world (specifically, wood - particle board and 3/4" ply. And on the plastics side - acrylic, poly, and uhmw) who it the top runner for best tooling to purchase?

When back in the metal cnc world my testing consistently showed the top end of the top end brands (imcos - streaker M223, Power feed, etc) Were consistently the most cost effective even though they initially cost more. Im assuming the same regarding these new brands as well, but please enlighten me. Where should i start. Mostly cutting doors and custom windows with lots of drilling. But no 3d milling.

Please recommend some tooling for me to test, thank you.