For some people who often use laser marking machines, the laser intensity reduction is a problem, which seriously affects the marking effect during processing, making the imprint not clear enough. In order to solve the problem of weak laser intensity, we must check and repair the equipment.

Firstly, checking whether the laser cavity changes, fine-tuning the cavity lens to ensure that the output spot reaches the best state, next, measuring whether the laser entering the galvanometer is off center, adjusting the laser, and check whether the acousto-optic crystal offset or the output energy of the acousto-optic power supply is low, adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of the sound and light power supply, finally, if the current is adjusted to about 20A, the sensitivity is not enough, which proves that the xenon lamp is aging, and it is urgent to replace the new lamp.

Laser marking machines, like other machines, require the operator to perform proper operation and good maintenance, so as to extend the life of the laser marking machine and improve the marking effect.