Hi, I have this machine listed for sale (trying to limit losses): https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/...202163074.html
PICTURES in the link above.

It's a Camtech Industries CNC machine with a 50Watt Synrad Laser attached to it. It's bed size is approximately 10'x6'...the machine itself is probably around 1800lbs.

Camtech Model number LMS1510
Synrad Laser Model number F48SC-5-285W/705

Excellently built machine. Runs on WinCNC.

I bought it, and the laser is on it's last legs. I have a Chinese laser with a RECI and that cuts fine. So this machine is kind of redundant.... It'd be awesome if I could turn this machine into a regular CNC machine... or maybe attach a plasma to it, or something. Not looking to spend a ton of money though.

Any ideas or what to do with this machine would be appreciated!

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