Hello guys,

I am working to develop a database to maintain logs of coolant usage in our client's machineshop which led me to wonder how it is like in general across the industry. The purpose of this exercise being to optimize the management of coolant & develop SOPs to reduce rejections & other such problems associated with improper coolant usage.

1. Name & Manufacturer of coolant used in your CNC Machines.
2. Concentration of coolant in the CNC sump.
3. Capacity of the CNC machine sump in Litres.
4. Method of checking the concentration of coolant in the sump (handheld refractometer or some other tool)
5. How often do you check the concentration?
6. Does the concentration of coolant in the tank increase or decrease after a few days? If so, by how much?
7. How much does the liquid level reduce in the machine tank each day? Approx. how many Litres?
8. What is the procedure for topping-up the liquid in the tank?

Your responses to the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Feel free to let me know in case of any queries.


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